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  November 16, 2010 - Okay, giving this another shot. Adding the Google Groups science-olympiad-homescholers listserve today. Please sign up for an account (even if you are not from North Seattle). I am still interested in learning how other teams work. . . so we can beat you. . . no, just so we can get a team functioning before my kids get too old for Science Olympiad. P.S. - Now reading the 6/20/09 update you may have guess our team did not work out last year. I do hope we can make a go of it this year. Maybe having less time to prep a team for some of the approaching practice tournaments will help??? :-)

June 20, 2009
- Seattle Homeschool Group Science Club members met for the final day of this year's Science Club. There, several familes expressed their interest in starting a Sno~King (Snohomish and King County) Science Olympiad team. So far, numerous homeschool families from West Seattle, Kirkland, Everett, Kent, Seattle and North Seattle area communities have asked to be included in e-mail communications. The Sno~King Science Olympiad Team will have another meeting July 8th, 2009 to make plans for the 2009-2010 tournament season. If you would want to participate on the team, have children between the ages of ten and eighteen years-old and live either in King or Shohomish counties, please send an email to: sherpa_dad (at) comcast (dot) net communicating your interest.
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